Rules vs. Standards

  • filename-1 (8)A Rule = the specified or stated requirement.
  • A Standard = what is actually being done.
  • Rules are implemented and designed for a reason.  When we accept a standard that is less than the rule.  What are we saying?  The rule is NOT important.
  • If we fail to enforce each rule then each of you are left trying to guess which rules are important and which rules are not really important.  Confusion right?
  • Failure to adhere to the Rule will result in your employment being terminated! ( Apparently, management is exempt from this rule!)
  • The rule is there to protect you, your co-workers, and your families!
  • Nothing is so important that our standard should ever be less than the rule!
  • Sanitation failures, food contamination, poor personal hygiene, and insanitary practices are everyone’s responsibility.  ConAgra Foods.

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