I bulk loaded tank trailers for Conagra Mills for nearly 9 years at one of their flour mills in Martins Creek, Pa.. After a merger with other milling companies the mill is now one of the of many mills under the Ardent Mills umbrella. My main responsibility was to ensure the integrity of tie-down security seals placed on the trailers inspection locations. Preventing a malicious act of intentional contamination to the flour was the highest of priorities with an act of terrorism one of the identified threats. I refused to load a trailer that returned from a customer with an unsealed hatch. Company policy required the trailer to be washed and my department supervisor directed me to load the trailer because he said  there was supposedly no other trailers available to load.  Since 9/11 there has been increased standards of security to protect our food supply.  I took this responsibility very seriously and the company confided in me with a previous incident of tampering with trailer seals . Remembering the incident in the early 1980’s involving the contamination of Tylenol might help you understand the seriousness of the events involving this incident. The facts provided the facilities plant manager were disregarded and not only was I sent home and later terminated the trailer was loaded with complete indifference to anyone illnesses or deaths that could occur if that trailer was a target to a malicious act with a toxin or biological agent. Also, you might be aware that unprecedented events are taking place within the food industry with companies being charged criminally for incidents involving unintentional contamination. This is why it is beyond my belief that Conagra Foods is willfully protecting a plant manager, a food safety manager and a department supervisor that put the company one step away from being the next Peanut Corporation of America. When you see corruption in other peoples lives you have no concept of how your life can be destroyed by egregious acts of other people. On December 12th and December 13th of 2012 I was the only employee that had the best interests of Conagra Foods. It has been verified in court with testimony from these managers that they lied and provided false and misleading information for an ulterior motive. Has any of Conagra’s attorneys or anyone in their HR dept. read the transcripts with these managers testimony. The plant manager is in the same position and has the same authority and responsibility for compliance to protect the food manufactured and transported from that facility from intentional contamination. As of now he got away with it in December of 2012. Can you imagine going to the store to buy medicine for your family and you find the silver seal on the bottle lifted up ( those seals are on the bottles now because people died from Tylenol being contaminated), you take the bottle to the store manager and he does nothing more than take the seal off the bottle put another seal on the bottle and try to give it back to you. Would you buy that medicine for your family? This is what that plant manager allowed to take place with the trailer that they loaded December 13, 2012 and shipped to Mission Foods.  Here’s the problem. As of now that plant manager can do it again; today, tomorrow, next week or anytime in the past 2 1/2 to 3 years. Why? Because Conagra Foods, who says that the incident with Peter Pan peanut butter has enlightened them to food safety and promises consumers that food safety is their highest priority, is doing nothing about it. I can’t let that happen. OSHA, the FDA, the FBI, the Department of Justice, both local newspapers, the Government Accountability Projects’ Food Integrity Campaign and several other food safety advocate groups are being made aware of the conditions exist at this flour mill. I believe , at the very least, the plant manager at the flour mill in Martins Creek, Pa. should be removed from the current or any future positions involving food safety decisions and maybe removed from the food industry . CONAGRA FOODS CAN DO WHATS RIGHT. Until they choose to do whats right my intentions are to make America aware of this corruption. My next initiative is to publish a list of products that are alternatives to any Conagra Foods products and give people a choice to eliminate them from their grocery lists. Also, this flour mill is a major supplier for the east coast and I am currently putting documentation together to personally visit each customer that purchases bulk flour from this mill to make them aware of the unsafe food safety practices that take place at this mill. People deserve to eat safe food and flour could arguably be the most important food we have next to water. Conagra needs to be held accountable for their promise that food safety is their top priority.opinion.The plant manager needs to be held accountable for his actions or lack of action. He’s no different than someone who would put a poison or toxin in the trailer.opinion.



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