• Why was evidence covered up that lead to trailer thefts?
  • Why was mold cleaned from trailers by hand after a flour manufacturer, a trucking company and a trailer manufacturer collaborated together to redesign trailers to eliminate risk points for mold to grow?
  • Why was all food defense policies allowed to be eliminated?
  •  Why was a trailer exposed to intentional contamination allowed to be loaded and sent to a customer(Mission Foods) with complete indifference to an incident of  potential illness and/or death?
  • Why is a plant manager that committed an act of willful disregard to ConAgra’s best interests, deliberately violated company rules, disregarded standards of behavior which ConAgra has a right to expect of an employee and was negligent to his duties and obligations to the company still employed in the same position and responsible for food safety decisions?
  • Why was the only employee that performed his obligations and duties to protect ConAgra’s best interests the employee that got terminated?
  • Why does ConAgra Foods continue to ignore the truth after the Pennsylvania Courts has ruled the behavior of this manager to be willful misconduct and unreasonable?
  • Why is a work environment subjected to continuous turnover and workplace bullying condoned by ConAgra Foods?
  • Why does ConAgra Foods publish a Code of Conduct and a Citizens Report then condone violations of expected behavior?

I have physical evidence and documentation that provide answers to these questions. Here’s the problem.  Since December 13, 2012, no one in ConAgra Foods has given any indication or made any attempts to obtain the truth. Why?Why?Why?Why? Only good things can happen if there is one single person in the company that is concerned with the truth. A human resource representative, a food safety manager, a legal representative, a food quality manager or anyone with the slightest concern for the reputation and integrity of the compnay.

This incident has been heard in unemployment court, workmans’ compensation court and next is civil court when a 60 minute conversation involving someone with integrity would have prevented these unnecessary events. No matter what takes place from this point someone needs to investigate the corruption in Martins Creek, Pa..opinion.


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