My Lance Armstrong

I’ve watched “Lance Armstrong Stop At Nothing” countless times and I’ve personally proclaimed him the “THE KING” of workplace bullying. Everything that put this man on a pedestal and made him a hero to millions was fake. When I see the expressions on this man’s face during depositions and press conferences I see the faces of my supervisors. I actually had two Lance Armstrong’s at one time to deal with during the last year of my employment that eventually led to falsifying company documents and fabricating a reason to terminate my employment. I’ve recently become aware of the abundance of workplace bullying and its absolutely shocking. One of the worst parts of workplace bullying is that when you try to explain to someone what you’ve been put through and all they ever had was positive experience during their working lives they are in complete disbelief that companies would allow such things to take place. Didn’t you report it to anyone?  Didn’t you go to a manager? Doesn’t your company have rules against this behavior? Isn’t it against the law? Doesn’t your company have a code of conduct? Doesn’t your employer have company rules? Didn’t anyone else see what was happening? Go to management! This is the biggest joke of them all. Management turns their head to this behavior because they think if they don’t acknowledge it , it must not be going on. Human resources is useless because their main responsibility is to protect the company and if someone is in the right position to keep information from them they only hear one side of the story. My termination date was December of 2012 and to this day 02/19/2016 no one from my company(ConAgra Foods) has asked me what happened?  My plant manager Travis Kapusta(bully#1) kept that from happening basically by abusing his authority and breaking another company rule- interfering with an investigation. Having no HR representative on site made this easy for him to accomplish. What I have the biggest problem understanding is how does corporations come to the conclusion that this environment is productive? The bully remains unscathed because they prove in some way that they get things done and display to the company they have value. This lets them get away with their behavior. But once the company rewards their behavior they create a monster that causes way more problems then what appears to be productive. The work environment is destroyed. Employees stop being engaged. Employee attendance is destroyed. Constant turnover exists. These underlying issues are way more detrimental and costly than the small contributions they perceive to be productive.During my employment one shift had continuous turnover.  Since my termination two shifts have continuous turnover. Also, the behavior that was condoned allowed one of the biggest scandals of theft in my area to continue for nearly twelve months because the plant manager Travis Kapusta(bully#1) and the department supervisor Bryan Trinkley(bully#2 and a protege of bully#1) were so focused to cover up their bullying blatant evidence was ignored. The companys’ reputation was put in jeopardy and as long as they choose to look the other way it will remain in jeopardy. Peoples lives are destroyed. They are traumatized and seek medical attention to regain their health.In many instances are unable to reinsert themselves into the workplace for extended periods of time or maybe never again. My experience took place at a flour mill in Martins Creek, Pennsylvania. A secure job with a union. As long as people continue to eat bread I would be able to take care of my family.As of now, the Lance Armstrong’s in my life continue to live their lives and feed their families, but I remain vigilant to expose the truth. I look forward to the day when they’re made accountable for their actions. I look forward to the day I regain my health. I look forward to the day that workplace bullying is against the law.opinion.

Please support the Healthy Workplace Bill in your state.


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