Conagra Foods-what they put in writing contradicts their behavior

  1. Code of Conduct booklets
  2. Conagra Mills plant work rules
  3. Conagra Playbook Training Program Platform:Ingredients Bulk Vessel Sealing                 Requirements
  4. DVD-FDA “Employees are the FIRST Line of Food Defense
  5. Conagra Foods-Bulk Loader-ECP
  6. Conagra Mills-GMP Annual training; Rules vs. Standards; Mission Statement: Falsification of documents/providing the company with misleading information
  7. Conagra Foods Milled Ingredient Group- monthly newsletters; monthly injury reviews; monthly near miss reviews; safety culture survey results
  8. Bulk truck loading process monitors
  9. Seal usage records
  10. Seal distribution sheets
  11. Be-safe observation forms
  12. Conagra Mills-Safety steering team meeting minutes
  13. Job task safety review forms
  14. Medical treatment for your work injury or occupational illness forms-Martins Creek     and Treichlers
  15. Conagra – list of medical providers
  16. Healthworks injury evaluations
  17. Healthworks medical release forms
  18. Workers’ Compensation documents
  19. Family leave documents
  20. WW Transport Vehicle/Trailer inspection reports
  21. BCTGM grievance forms
  22. Conagra Foods Milled Ingredients Group Safety Principles
  23. Agreements between Conagra Foods Martins Creek, Treichlers and BCTGM International Union and its local Union No. 6
  24. Conagra Mills-Tool box training- accident investigation and reporting
  25. Due training next 30 days-over 100 company provided safety topics including:                -hazard control hierarchy, lean manufacturing, injury illness prevention plan
  26. Conagra Foods return to work temporary modified duty agreement
  27. Bulk schedule for loads delivering lists
  28. Bulkmatic Transport tank wash tickets
  29. WW Transport tank wash tickets
  30. Termination letter from 2006
  31. Conagra Food Ingredients accident injury report 2006
  32. Attendance policy for hourly workers
  33. Weigh Master documents
  34. Family and Medical Leave policy
  35. Supplemental Safety Training Program Success Plan
  36. Weekly department safety inspection reports
  37. Workplace Organization 5s sustaining audits
  38. Conagra Foods Safety FY Sharp plan
  39. Inbound flour inspection reports
  40. Bulk registers requiring lab coa log in sheets
  41. Blend plant shift handoff documents
  42. Bulk truck loading JSA
  43. Supplier Code of Conduct
  44. Supplier and co-manufacturer expectations manual



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