Conagra Foods-chooses to defend whats wrong when they can do whats right

Why do they continue to ignore vulnerabilities in their food safety policies when acknowledging them can only result in good. Is protecting a plant manager more important than the reputation of the company. Are they ignorant or corrupt? During my employment I chose to believe it was ignorance. I can only believe now that its their choice to ignore the obvious. I will spend the rest of my life to bring the truth to people that need to know. The public, the government and their customers have the right to know when they’re being deceived and Conagra Foods has the opportunity to change their behavior and hold their employees accountable for their actions. The plant manager covered up evidence that led to thefts, provided false information that led to retaliation of an injured worker and to this day holds the same position in the company. I can’t comprehend the thinking of a company that knows first hand how an incident of unintentional contamination can be financially devastating and they want to ignore information that can prevent an incident of intentional contamination that would surely be more devastating financially and to their reputation.

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