Conagra Foods-what they put in writing contradicts their behavior

cornerstone of commitment

  1. Code of Conduct booklets
  2. Conagra Mills plant work rules
  3. Conagra Playbook Training Program Platform:Ingredients Bulk Vessel Sealing                 Requirements
  4. DVD-FDA “Employees are the FIRST Line of Food Defense
  5. Conagra Foods-Bulk Loader-ECP
  6. Conagra Mills-GMP Annual training; Rules vs. Standards; Mission Statement: Falsification of documents/providing the company with misleading information
  7. Conagra Foods Milled Ingredient Group- monthly newsletters; monthly injury reviews; monthly near miss reviews; safety culture survey results
  8. Bulk truck loading process monitors
  9. Seal usage records
  10. Seal distribution sheets
  11. Be-safe observation forms
  12. Conagra Mills-Safety steering team meeting minutes
  13. Job task safety review forms
  14. Medical treatment for your work injury or occupational illness forms-Martins Creek     and Treichlers
  15. Conagra – list of medical providers
  16. Healthworks injury evaluations
  17. Healthworks medical release forms
  18. Workers’ Compensation documents
  19. Family leave documents
  20. WW Transport Vehicle/Trailer inspection reports
  21. BCTGM grievance forms
  22. Conagra Foods Milled Ingredients Group Safety Principles
  23. Agreements between Conagra…

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