Part 2: Conagra Foods the “Wells Fargo of the Food Industry

Getting back to the inconsistencies. Some of them were actually humorous when they took place and provided much laughter in the break rooms. After the fact some of these incidents are just sad.

One of the first issues I dealt with concerned spotting the trailers properly under the flood bins to load the trailers. Steps on the wall were too low to see the hatches on top of the trailers. The norm was for the bulk loader to climb onto a beam to get higher. However this broke a company rule. I requested ladders to replace the steps.*continuous improvement from the beginning without any training; just trying to be a good employee; I write this because my last year the supposed new found discovery of continuous improvement by management was given credit for their great achievements and promotions* They found 2 ladders in the maintenance shop to mount on the wall. 4 were needed but two would be helpful except for the fact they took 4 years to put up the other 2.AND since they only had 2 it would have been good to actually put them up at 2 of the bins where they were needed. The 1 ladder was put up at a bin we only used small trailers at the time(because of the product being loaded from that bin) so they could have put it up another bin while waiting for 2 more ladders.OH YAH ONE OTHER ISSUE THEY PUT THE LADDERS ON THE WALL BACKWARDS> DON”T WORRY IT GETS EVEN BETTER. The third ladder they put on the wall was mounted further from the wall than the first two and the first trailer pulled in to load got the mirror smashed off the yard truck.* spotting the trailers properly was very important and one of the issues that got little attention when training new loaders AND led to a serious injury of a coworker ONE OF MANY facts showing little concern for their employees vs.PRODUCTION.

Another issue on a large list of issues, the company began to bring trailers on the property that the hatches opened the opposite way. The hinge was on the passenger side vs. the driver side. Awesome now we can’t open the hatches because they  hit the bottom of the equipment mounted on the ceiling. So the loaders have to spot the trailers twice to inspect the trailer.”BUT THE LOADERS WERE AT FAULT FOR INCREASED LOADING TIMES”

*I will write this statement continuously when I list a change to the job made by the company because after 4-5 years of these changes the company decided the loaders were at fault(especially KEITH BEINLICH)for production being affected when they initiated the obstacles*

One more issue before I move to Part 3. They changed their computer program. The smaller changes I will not discuss but I will discuss the main issue for the loaders. We were responsible for the finished paperwork to be placed in the trucking company office for the drivers delivering the load. The office was next to the scale where the trailer was weighed out. Essentially where you put the paperwork was right next to the cab of the truck to get in and continue to the next load.(maybe 15 feet away) Changing the computer program led to the loaders walking to the weigh station(another 100 feet) putting in a code then swiping an id card to get in the building, walking up steps to the 2nd floor, signing into a log,walking back down the steps and the 100 feet to get in the truck to drop off every set of paperwork. “BUT THE LOADERS WERE AT FAULT FOR INCREASED LOADING TIMES”

Sorry but one more before Part 3: The new trailers being brought on the property also had an extra inspection location OH YAH its underneath the trailer and gave us access to the front end of the product line and 3 more gaskets to inspect.”BUT THE LOADERS WERE AT FAULT FOR INCREASED LOADING TIMES” especially the ring leader KEITH BEINLICH who they blamed for this huge undercover covert mission to take down this food giant all by himself and become unemployed and tell his family to go jump in a lake and take care of themselves.KEEP reading it keeps getting better.


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