Corrupt America: I mean Corporate America

Before I continue with more unbelievable stories about the most corrupt place I ever worked(the flour mill in Martins Creek,Pa.), I want to discuss or attempt to understand how the corruption exists.

I still believe 90% of people are good even though my life has been extremely affected by the bad and I’m having a hard time seeing anything from the bad lately. Continuously(and I mean on a daily basis) I had to stand up to people who wanted me to lie about my job.It was exhausting. It affected my health and my attendance. Why do you have to lie about what you’re doing to take care of your family? You know you’re doing what’s right but for some reason you’re the bad guy. How does this happen? People that do the right thing get terminated from their jobs all the time and you never know the truth until a big scandal brings everything out in the open(like Wells Fargo).

In the end,  my employment was taken away by corrupt managers and they did it for many reasons(which I will not discuss now). A huge issue that adds to the termination is when employees get recognition for their corrupt actions. I look to leadership in these companies that allow that to take place.  The leadership in the companies that ran the flour mill(Conagra Mills, a milling group of Conagra Foods[now Conagra Brands] and currently run by Ardent Mills-a merger between Conagra, Cargill and CHS milling* I hope Cargill and CHS brought some integrity to this merger*) in Martins Creek,Pa. are gutless cowards.(from the plant manager, Travis Kapusta to the president at the time Bill Stauffer). In a town hall meeting, months before my termination, Bill Stauffer declared Travis Kapusta one of the great leaders in the company. He did this minutes away from telling the room full of people that we were going to run every mom and pop mill out of business. My definition of a leader does not include lying and cheating to attain your accomplishments. Or destroying other peoples lives to move up the corporate ladder. But for some reason this is what I saw in this company. If you’re willing to lie and turn your head the other way from other people that are lying it’s a fast track to promotions.

I guess I was completely misguided in thinking that if there was one place that corruption should not take place its in the food industry. Everyone deserves the right to eat safe food.


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