Conagra Foods-what they put in writing contradicts their behavior

Code of Conduct booklets Conagra Mills plant work rules Conagra Playbook Training Program Platform:Ingredients Bulk Vessel Sealing                 Requirements DVD-FDA “Employees are the FIRST Line of Food Defense Conagra Foods-Bulk Loader-ECP Conagra Mills-GMP Annual training; Rules vs. Standards; Mission Statement: Falsification of documents/providing the company with misleading information … More Conagra Foods-what they put in writing contradicts their behavior

My Lance Armstrong

I’ve watched “Lance Armstrong Stop At Nothing” countless times and I’ve personally proclaimed him the “THE KING” of workplace bullying. Everything that put this man on a pedestal and made him a hero to millions was fake. When I see the expressions on this man’s face during depositions and press conferences I see the faces … More My Lance Armstrong


Why was evidence covered up that lead to trailer thefts? Why was mold cleaned from trailers by hand after a flour manufacturer, a trucking company and a trailer manufacturer collaborated together to redesign trailers to eliminate risk points for mold to grow? Why was all food defense policies allowed to be eliminated?  Why was a … More WHY?

How ConAgra Foods Falls Short with Food Safety

The entire industry acknowledges the most important aspect of food safety is prevention. The Food Safety Modernization Act identifies their highest priority concerning food safety is prevention. ConAgra Foods who owns 44% of Ardent Mills(which is a merger that includes ConAgra Mills, my previous employer) continues to defend a plant manager and several department supervisors … More How ConAgra Foods Falls Short with Food Safety

Workplace Rights.

Call to Witness: One Woman’s Battle with Disability, Discrimination and a Pharmaceutical Powerhouse. Motivational book for anyone dealing with a wrongful termination.